Peter Palaga, Alexandre Gallice

Red Hat


Peter Palaga is a senior software engineer for Red Hat Integration. He is mostly occupied by porting Apache Camel components to Quarkus. He likes tinkering with build tools, most notably mvnd  - the Maven daemon. He worked on Red Hat Fuse, JBoss EAP and other Red Hat Middleware products in the past.

Twitter: @ppalaga

Alexandre Gallice is an Apache Camel contributor, working mainly on Camel Quarkus those days. He is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat. Prior to this he has worked as a software engineer in distinct domains like handwriting recognition and laboratory analysis.

Twitter: @AlexGallice


Integrating systems with Camel Quarkus

In an ever-accelerating IT world, the need to connect disparate systems is growing day by day. Apache Camel with its 350 connectors gives a proven response to this demand.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to write Camel integration applications on top of Quarkus. We'll begin with developing a simple Camel Hello world! route. We will use Quarkus tooling to start the application in dev mode. While watching for changes in your workspace, the tooling will re-compile and reload the application as needed so that you can check the changes quickly.

Then we will go on to make our route more useful by making it transfer data between some external systems, such as remote REST service, Kafka, database and Slack. Again, while developing and testing, the Kafka broker and the database will be provisioned automatically by Quarkus tooling.

Further, we will implement some transformations, filtering and content-based routing using Camel integration patterns.

Finally, you will learn how to package the application for either running on a JVM or as a native executable compiled by GraalVM.

We will have some bonus tasks ready for fast participants.

We kindly ask the participants to install the listed prerequisites before the workshop