Chris Engelbert


Christoph Engelbert is a developer by heart, with strong bonds to the open source world. As a seasoned speaker on internaltional confrences, he loves to share his experience and ideas, especially in the areas of scaleable system architectures and backend technologies, as well as all things programming languages.

Twitter: @noctarius2k

What I learned about IoT Security ... and why it's so hard!

Smart devices taking over our living rooms, our bed rooms, and, in general, our life. It has never been more important to build secure devices, but most companies seem to fail, and they fail hard. We (only) build systems for farms and barns, and still, I wanted security for Cow-stumers.

Building a mostly secure system is fairly simple. There is a good set of low-hanging fruits. Building a really locked down system is tough, though. Much harder than expected. Here is what I learned.