Ana Cristina Brenes Jiménez

Erni AG


Ana C. Brenes works currently as a Senior Architect Consultant by ERNI Schweiz AG.
She has a Bachelor´s in Software Engineering. Worked mainly as a Software Engineer and Analyst for about 20 years and the last 11 years in different areas of Architecture.
She always kept an End-to-End approach to her profession. Her mindset is that it is not only about doing the code clean and good but is also about the big picture: from talking to customers to understand what they want and need, to coming up with a good solution (in a team), implement it and make sure that it works in the present and that it can evolve in the future.
Her purpose was then very clear: promote and practice Architecture to support organizations and people in their needs. She has experience as Enterprise Architect, Solutions Architect and Software Architect but also as Project Manager and Technical Lead.
She has focused mainly on the Banking area but has had also significant years in areas like Telephony, Voice Speech Recognition, Insurance, Media Services and Compliance Regulations. She has worked in many different countries and with many different sizes of organizations (from small startups to 10000 employees).

Let us talk about Triple A: Architecture, Architects and Agile

Architecture is here to stay. The practice of doing Architecture has long been here and practiced, even if implicitly, and has been and is very often misunderstood, misused and ill-practiced.
Let me bring you in a journey of what I think and have experienced about Architecture and the role of Architects in combination with Agility. I will give an insight into the different aspects of Architecture, how the Architects fit into them and how it can be practiced in an Agile organization. Architecture is an experience that requires creativity, a lot of collaboration and communication.